What To Consider When Selecting Your Internet Speed Package

Are you currently shopping around for an Internet service provider, and you need to pick a speed package? If so, you're probably wondering what you need to get the job done. Here are some things that you should be considering so you select the right package.

Do You Need To Upload Data Quickly?

One of the biggest bottlenecks with an Internet package is going to be the speed that you can upload data. This is because cable Internet connections often limit how much bandwidth is dedicated either uploading and downloading, with much more priority put toward download speeds. If you're in a situation where you're working from home and need to transfer large files quickly, then upload speeds are going to be crucial. Consider a package that maximizes your upload speeds so that you're transferring files as fast as you can.

Are You Syncing A Lot Of Backup Data?

On the flip side, having a lot of data that you sync to the cloud from your home can also cause the need for fast upload speeds. A perfect example is if you back up your entire computer's hard drive to the cloud as a backup solution. Slow upload speeds can get the job done, but when you are dealing with a lot of data, you may be creating it faster than you can upload it. If your data is never fully in sync with the cloud, it can never work as a true backup solution in an emergency situation.

Do You Stream A Lot of Video In Your Home?

When you see recommendations for Internet speeds on various streaming services, be aware that these are the minimum requirements per simultaneous stream. For instance, if you have four people in your home all watching 4K stream of their favorite TV show, then you are going to need at least four times the recommended bandwidth in order for nobody to run into buffering issues. Consider everyone's needs in your house when picking a speed package, not just your own.

Do You Download A Lot Of Digital Video Games?

One thing that has changed about video games these days is the size of the games. It is common for some games to be 50GB to 100GB, which makes downloading the digital version problematic on a slow Internet connection. The last thing you want to have happen is starting up your console to play your favorite game online, only to discover that an update is necessary. It can take several hours to download it. Faster speeds help update those big games quickly and allow you to rotate games off the internal storage to make room for new games. 

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