How Can A Home Phone Help You?

Home phones are also known as landlines because they are wired into the phone lines that run through your home. Home phone service can be an excellent supplement or alternative to cell phone service. If you're unsure if this service is right for you, you may be interested in learning about its benefits. Here are some ways that a home phone can help you:

1. Easily screen calls

Home phone service can allow you to easily screen your calls. Many home phones come with an attached answering machine. If you don't feel like picking up the phone, you can allow any call to go to voicemail and review it at a later time. You can also utilize your home phone's caller ID function to find out who's calling before you answer.

2. Maintain reliable communication

Home phone service is reliable. Unlike cell phones, which rely on cellular signals sent to and from cell towers, home phone service is hardwired. This means that you'll be able to access your phone even in an emergency when cellular service is down. This reliability can help you communicate when you need it most.

3. Receive prompt assistance in an emergency

Home phone service can help you receive prompt assistance in the event of an emergency. Emergency services can be accessed by calling 911. If you call from a cell phone, you'll need to provide an accurate address for the dispatcher. However, home phones automatically transmit your location to emergency services. This can be the difference between life and death in an emergency, especially if you're feeling too stressed and out of sorts to provide an accurate location for the dispatcher. 

4. Take advantage of international phone plans

Home phone service will allow you to place and receive calls anywhere within the country. However, some people have family members, friends, or business associates in other countries. Fortunately, your internet service provider can offer international phone plans. These plans will allow you to send and receive international calls without incurring additional fees. If you regularly place international calls, an international phone plan can save you money and hassle.

5. Save money on your internet plan

Last but not least, purchasing home phone service from your internet service provider can allow you to save money on your internet bill. Many ISPs offer bundle packages that allow customers to purchase multiple services simultaneously. An internet and phone bundle can help you lower your monthly bill.