Tips For Setting On-Demand Viewing Rules For Kids

Watching movies on demand can be a fun privilege for every member of the family. Gone are the days of going to the video store to choose one film for the entire weekend or buying expensive DVDs just to see a film once. Instead, on-demand viewing gives you the luxury of choosing from hundreds or thousands of movies for one monthly fee. However, sometimes kids can feud over choosing a film on demand or try to watch a movie that's too scary for them. Be sure to follow these tips for setting on-demand viewing rules for kids. They can help keep the movie-watching fun going for years to come.

Set Up a System for Taking Turns

As all parents know, children can find ways to fight over nearly anything. However, you can stay two steps ahead of the potential for conflict over on-demand viewing by setting up a clear system for taking turns. For example, if you have three children, designate a day of the week that each child can choose a film for family movie time. That allows every child to have an equal say about which movies are watched, and it also gives you a chance to observe the individual tastes of your children. Parents can also take a turn each week, so you get a say in the movies you watch with your kids.

Establish Boundaries About the Types of Films Kids Can Watch

Many on-demand systems have parental controls. That gives you the power to set restrictions on what kids can access. However, still set clear rules about which movies are acceptable in case the parental controls fail or kids are using the system elsewhere. Let children know which genres are off-limits. For example, some parents don't want their children to watch horror movies until they are old enough to understand them. Also, you may set rules about the ratings of the films that kids watch. Some parents exercise their authority to assess each film before kids watch them.

Let Kids Know You Will Monitor Their Viewing

After you establish the on-demand viewing rules for your kids, let them know that their viewing activity will be monitored. Talk about what the consequences will be if they have broken any of your viewing rules. The consequences should be specific, so kids know what to expect if they break the rules. Be sure to follow up and enforce the rules.

Finally, talk to your kids about the fun advantages of on-demand viewing. That will help them appreciate the privilege and enjoy films that may not be their first choice. Show how they can watch the film any time and even pause it when they need a snack or bathroom break. If they are watching a movie close to their bedtime, they can simply restart it the next day. On-demand viewing can be beneficial for every member of your family.